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Session 0096 MP3, Imre Vallyon recorded in Holland, December 1984, 44 mins. This is a 31MB download.


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This is an unusual talk, in its presentation. As Imre occasionally did in the early days of his public teaching, he presented this talk only to a tape cassette deck, no audience present. His tone and rate of speech are those of a monologue and one that is heart-felt, poetic and beautiful. The talk is based on part of a poem by Kahlil Gibran:

“I have learned to listen to silence,
To hear its choirs singing the Song of Ages,
Chanting the Hymns of Space,
And disclosing the Secrets of Eternity.”

The crux of the talk is that almost nobody listens to the Spirit any more or allows it to lead them, not the individual, not the leaders of countries, not humanity as a whole. This Imre believes is the cause of society’s woes – the wars, negative competition, jealousies, anger, crime, etc., that it is Spiritual vision which is missing, that the Spirit is not leading humanity. Rather, it is led by materialism and personal wants and ambitions.

Imre presents a remedy, imploring us to seek the Spirit – not to remove ourselves from the world and our connections and responsibilities in it but to stay in the world and bring the Spirit down into the world. He explains that this is what he teaches – Cosmic Yoga – the combining of the ascent to the Spirit with the descent of the Spirit. Thus will the Spirit leadeth and raise humanity to peace and harmony with no lack of food and shelter for any person.
This talk is also highly notable in that Imre, speaking it in 1984, describes almost exactly the present conditions in many countries now, in 2011: the high rates of unemployment worldwide especially among the young, the civil unrest recently in England and now in those countries in Europe whose economies are in dire straits, as well as in the Middle East where the “Arab Spring” is unfolding.

Imre’s exhortation to us is that if as many humans as possible don’t turn around and allow the Spirit to lead, all of the societies on Planet Earth are headed for dire times. He asks with all his heart that we surrender to the Spirit, listen to the Song of Silence and the choirs singing, and thus shall we discover the Secrets of Eternity.



Imre Vallyon