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Imre Vallyon

3989-3991 BUNDLE | The Coming New Heaven and New Earth

This is a bundle of three talks given by Imre Vallyon in New Zealand during July and September 2012 on the subject of The New Heaven and the New Earth. Difficult times and wondrous times are coming to us and Planet Earth. Imre explains them in detail and gives us advice on what we can and in fact need to so that we, those around us and Mother Earth can ride through the difficult times and be able to exult in the wondrous times.

Please be aware that this is a large download of 133 MB.

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Please use the links below to read a more detailed description of the individual Wisdom Talks, or you can also make individual purchases of them.

[3989 | The 21st Century and the Destiny of Mankind]
[3990 | The Coming New Heaven and New Earth]
[3991 | The Coming New Heaven and New Earth – The Conclusion]



Imre Vallyon