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Imre Vallyon

3991 | The Coming New Heaven and New Earth – The Conclusion

Session 3991 MP3, Waitetuna Retreat Centre, New Zealand, September 2012, 69 mins. This is a 46 MB download.


Here, an eye-opening finale to 3989 and 3990. First, Imre completes the 10 points on the changes and problems facing us, with the 10th point being the dangers of materialism. If you’re aware, you’ll already know that humanity planetary-wide is deeply steeped in this.

Then in another 10 points, how coming changes will impact on the planet and all of us right down on the physical level and in our daily lives. The areas Imre covers are science, including climate change and natural disasters, psychology, education, religion, death and dying, economy and business, art, the purpose of life, health and healing, and politics.

There’s an overriding theme to this talk also and it is that now, the workings in society of the areas above are in general, thoroughly based on materialism. Most people are simply not aware of the fact that we, the planet and whole universe are multi-dimensional and not physical only, e.g., the planet, the sun, just like us, have a physical body and also etheric, astral and mental bodies – the emotions and thoughts – and a Soul, all within the Spirit within us. Or more to the truth, humans are the Soul which has mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies. When this is recognised, the areas above such as science, psychology, education and healing, will radically change – for the better.

That change is coming but in the meantime, Planet Earth is going to be strongly affected by higher energies which are descending from the inner realms, and will continue to be affected by mankind’s negative thinking, feeling and behaviour. All of this will result in higher incidences of natural disasters such as earthquakes and erratic and extreme weather. Imre gives a final message at the end of the talk, one of great hope and succour for us – there is a way to inner peace and it is to be centred in the Soul. It is like a rock around which the tumult of the ocean’s waves (the world) swirl, roar and rumble. Connect to the Soul and you’ll ever be stable and at peace no matter what happens in the world. Imre asks us to go one step further though and teach this great Truth of Esoteric Knowledge to as many of those around us as possible, so that they too may learn to not react negatively to the coming changes but to cope and go with them. Give them the opportunity also to connect to the rock of the Soul.



Imre Vallyon