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Imre Vallyon

3990 | The Coming New Heaven and New Earth

Session 3990 MP3, Tauranga, New Zealand, September 2012, 61 mins. This is a 41MB download.


This talk is a continuation of 3989. Imre sets out the causes of problems and changes which will come to Planet Earth and humanity, the origins of which are not physical but in the inner, invisible dimensions. Below are the first 9 points about the New Heaven which Imre had time to set out in this talk. He completes them on 3991, also setting out 10 points which will be the results of the problems and changes, or what the New Earth can be.

Changes in the Inner Worlds, The Archangel Hierarchies of the Physical World, New Light in the Astral World, The Zodiac, The Return of the Christ, Divine Intervention, Planetary Karma and Atlantis, Spiritual Regeneration through Esoteric Knowledge, The Christ Within You.

The overriding theme of the talk is that yes, great changes are on the way and some will be difficult to cope with but if humanity can understand why they are happening, then we’ll have an opportunity not given to us since Lemuria and Atlantis. We did not handle those opportunities properly and basically, new starts had to be made. If through Esoteric Knowledge, we handle our new opportunity well, then the fabled Golden Age will be a reality.



Imre Vallyon